Hi there ! It’s me again :) I may not post AS often as I used to but I will try to post at least once a week! Now on to the meat of this post!..

Something that I had never had  done before, and now I wonder WHY- is this “Gelish” manicure ( the company that makes the colour is called Gelish, but they seemed to refer to it as a Gel manicure at the salon that I went to) that my sister MsEpiphany treated me to on my recent vacation ( not so recent now..sigh:(  ) to LA:


(Gelish manicure #164)

I’m also obsessing about that little Kimmidoll key chain that’s just so darn cute, but that’s  beside the point.   I’ve always hated getting a professional manicure. Part of the reason is because I just can’t sit still for that long , but more importantly it generally lasts about 1 – 2 days on me before it chips and starts to look ugly again ( no different than if I had just painted them on my own to start with). My sis has been telling me about these Gelish manicures for a while now  but I never realised how magical they really are.  To give you a quick idea here are my nails  ( & the manicure)  when freshly painted, at one week and  at 2 weeks


(click to enlarge)

I am NOT careful with my nails by ANY means  and you can see that the tips aren’t even the SLIGHTEST bit chipped AND the shine has colour have also lasted superbly  – in fact there’s no change there.  Well colour me impressed – I like this..I love this!  The steps involved for a Gelish manicure are here for anyone who’s interested. The polish itself is apparently a hybrid between polish and gel, so while it applies like a polish, it gives the appearance of gel nails and  wears flawlessly for however many days ( minimum of 2 weeks) ! 

It didn’t take much longer than a traditional manicure and the results are well worth it because more than the colour lasting and the tips not chipping, I did not have the urge to peel this!! MsEpiphany had warned me about the pain that can ensue from trying to peel it so I was careful but after a while I didn’t even feel like peeling them …they looked so pretty..and shiny! I wanted to preserve them! So my nails are also WAY stronger thanks to this. Another factor that won me over – you can paint over these just like you would over your bare nails!!



And when you remove your regular nail colour, the Gelish colour stays underneath and you can just keep painting over it till it grows out ( or you can just get it redone). Easy Peesy!

In Canada (at least here in Montreal) they use nail colours by Shellac for this, so they call it a Shellac manicure . It’s not as quick here and costs 40$ here vs. the 20 something $ that it costs in LA, but it’s very worth it at either price and  I won’t ever get a traditional manicure again!