Another gift from my sweet sis MsEpiphany (I  tell ya…my sis spoils me rotten ..I’m one lucky goil :) ), I’ve had this for a bit now. Wanted to use it a couple of times before I actually reviewed it. I don’t know how they do it but the quality of products that I’ve used from BHCosmetics is definitely not proportionate to their price!  I’ve raved about their brushes before. I thought their POP art brushes were good, but the PolkaDot brush set  was even better. Super soft brushes that don’t shed at an almost laughable price really. Onto my thoughts on this palette now..


It’s normally$ 22.95 USD but its on sale for 13$ at the moment.  That’s a ridicuous(ly low) price for this palette.



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I think the packaging works for this palette. They could’ve gone for a more sophisticated cover if they wanted to I suppose , but I think it looks fun and quirky. It’s pretty sturdy and includes a decent size mirror on the inside of the cover. There are 18 shades ( that have swatches all over the internet:) ) .They apply very well dry/ wet. I like applying baked shadows wet so that is how I used them. You can make your own mixing medium ( it’s just one part glycerin + 3 parts water), or you can use Mac’s Fix Plus spray or just plain eyedrops. I’ve used all these mediums  – the home made mixing medium is the way to go in my opinion. Macs Fix+ is expensive for what it is, and the eyedrops while they work in a pinch , don’t let the shadow last as long .


The pigmentation is good on these either wet or dry . They really pop when applied wet though, and their staying power is also better that way. Sometimes there’s a dud in there but I found that the pigmentation was good across the board on these.  This was a look using Earth , Venus and Mars:


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Like the pigmentation, I found the texture of these to also be consistent across all colours. Some of the colours ( like Saturn  and Moon ) were a TINY bit smoother when applied wet, but nothing to write home about really.  Here’s another look that I tried out (on another day) using  Saturn, Sun and Aphrodite:


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Staying Power

These were almost  as vibrant at the end of the day as when freshly applied. I say ALMOST because with one of the colours (Comet)  I noticed some uneven fading but again, nothing too terrible.

This was the look that I did using Comet ( and 2 matte colours from my Ben Nye Matte palette)


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My favourites:

Aphrodite, Sun , Mars, Earth,


[usrlist Packaging:3 Pigmentation:5 Texture:5 staying_power:4 avg=”true” ]




I continue to be impressed with the quality of products by BHCosmetics, especially at this price point. They are almost always having some sale or the other as well, so you can’t really lose! If you want to play around with different colours/textures but not pay too much because you won’t use them that often, this a great way to indulge without really indulging:)

Have a great week ahead:)