Hello! I hope you all had a good week last week and that this one will be even better:) Thought I’d review something in my “Hair” category for a change! I bought this a month or so ago and have used it enough times since then that I can review it with confidence.


This usually sells for around $180 CAD but I got it on sale for $80 CAD

What does the set contain?

20 rollers in 3 sizes: 8 large, 6 medium  and 6 small and  20 colour-coded metal clips to keep the rollers secure once . The rollers themselves have a flocked surface which is nice because they stay in place and yet don’t tug at the hair.

I wouldn’t call this a “portable” set,  but I like the variety of sizes it has to offer:



The ends of the pins have the colour coding on them  so they’re easily identifiable for each size of roller


They also tuck neatly(enough) into a slot in the base of the set :


I  do think they could have made the base (casing, lid , switch etc.) look a bit more ( OK a *lot* more) sophisticated for the price. While everything is quite sturdy, it just doesn’t like look a unit that would retail for close to 200$ full price.

How do they work?

You just turn it on and leave it with the lid closed for about 2 minutes ( I leave it on for longer usually but 2 will do) and the red dot that you see one one of the rollers (in the pic above) will turn to white – this indicates that the unit is ready to be used.  There’s no big science to using curlers…there are literally thousands of videos on how to do this – this one   by ItsJudyTime is a nice, easy one. I like the curls facing away from my face so I just roll everything that way , using the larger curlers on top and smaller ones as I get to the lower layers (the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl). I think they work really well.

I had done a very rough blow dry of my hair the previous night and let the rollers sit in my hair the next morning for around 10 minutes. You can use them on hair that’s VERY slightly damp, but not on wet hair – unless you want to fry your hair. They gave me really nice bouncy, non-frizzy waves:



Some pieces that I had left out of the rollers by accident ( specially towards the back and every ends of my hair) looked slightly frizzy but I could’ve just rolled those up again or ironed them lightly later – no sweat:


All these pictures were just after I took the rollers out and didn’t brush them out or anything ( and yes it was a practically makeup-free day for me:) ). I just loosened them up a bit with my hands:


The outer edges of the curlers stay cool so no danger of getting burnt by them. The pins stayed on secure for the most part, and I only had some issues with the finer/smaller pieces of hair near my ears, but that was easily solved by  some fiddling with the placement. It takes me around 8 minutes or so to get all the rollers in my hair.

My hair is really thick AND frizzy, so the waves did get looser (and slightly frizzier, but ever so slightly) as the day progressed, but since I don’t like to use hair spray, I was willing to live with that. This would work great on someone with thinner /less crazy hair.  Going off on a tangent, a product that I*am* currently loving is this total repair extreme split ends double serum  – long name, I know – but it works! The red in my hair is from Manic Panic’s InfraRed. If you’re interested:


[usrlist Packaging:2 Ease_of_use:4 Efficiency:3 avg=”true” ]


I’m between a deelight_1  and a  meh   on this one.  It really  helps cut down on my styling time because I dont have to blow dry it too much, but being that my hair is so thick, I need to repeat the process once to get it to stay longer. I do love the soft curls/waves that it creates and will continue to use it till it breaks down! :) (it comes with a 2 year warranty)

BTW I think Jimbo likes it too. She definitely approved of the box: