Hi there! I’m back in time for a TGIF  post:) Hope your week has been great so far! Mine’s been awfully busy, but a busy life is a non-boring life…yes? :)  I’ve reviewed  this brand before  and really enjoyed the formula then.  They have around 18 shades and many of them quite different from the usual shades currently on the market but I was just looking for another nice nude shade. Sweet as Candy fit the bill! I’ve only seen this brand carried at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Montreal, but they are available online as well.


$1.99 CAN for 8 ml ( Sorry that I had mentioned incorrectly that it was $2.99 instead in my other  post about this brand!)



The packaging is great and I like the small size and shape of the bottle ( I* *never* get though an entire bottle of polish and I’m really curious as to whether ANYONE has! Please let me know if you have:) ). The brush in particular is really nice because it’s not too thick, not too thin, has a nice shape and just helps apply the polish very evenly. What do I NOT like about it? This….


And it’s not just this polish..I’ve noticed it with higher end ones too :


While it’s not a deal breaker,  I do find that extremely annoying!How hard can it be to make sure they don’t come apart…


This is a really soft  shade of pink that’s pretty sheer. It really is what I was looking for because I love colours that just make it seem like you have healthy nails , but not with too much colour. Give Me Nude was also perfect for this reason.


That’s with 3 coats of the colour on , so you can get an idea of how sheer it is. I think it’ll make a fantastic base for a French manicure. It’s also the perfect colour to pair some whimsical nail decals with :) :




Just like Give Me Nude, this one was super smooth and easy to apply with  practically no streaking. It dries down very fast and doesn’t have any noticeable smell. I do love this formula!

Staying Power

I’ve been wearing it for 4 days now with no issues. Not even any minor peeling, chipping etc.


[usrlist Packaging:3 Pigmentation:4 Texture:5 staying_power:4 avg=”true” ]




I really love it when brands put out consistently good products or at least stay consistent with their formulas.  I think I may be slightly more partial to Give Me Nude just because it makes your nails look like gel nails (without the damage!) but this one is so soft and pretty too. At a $1.99 you just cant go wrong!!

Do you have any favourite shades of  nudes/light pinks/beiges ? Do share!

Have a great weekend:)