Just wanted to do a really quick review and a NOTD post on this Lilac that I’ve enjoyed so much for a bit now.

This one  – Tarty for the party ( gotta love their names!) was from their (China Glaze’) Spring 2013 Avant Garden Collection. I bought this and another pretty light pink shade ( don’t remember the name sorry!, but I will review it later)  at the same time. I’ve always loved lilac anything ( ok..almost anything lilac). Lilac is almost like….a neutral colour to me! It just seems to go with everything! The formula is really great on this one. I bought it for around 5.99 at Winners (like TJ Maxx in the US – same owners, in fact) and have gotten plenty of  use out of it.


This is what it looks like without the flash:


(click to enlarge)


This is what it looks like with the flash ( and some added “summery” nail bling):



So there you have it –  China Glaze’s Tarty for the party – a beautiful shade of Lilac that applies super evenly with no streaking and is just oh-so -purdy :)




P.S: If you didn’t already infer…