I stopped at the Duty Free stores to kill sometime on my way to NY last week actually wanting to buy a YSL stain. However, any shade that I tried from that collection turned into a different  shade altogether within minutes of application! Has this happened to anyone else? Anyways – the texture for these Chanel Luminous Mattes was so nice that I decided to indulge in this shade  – La Raffinée  ($36 USD) instead!




It chipped a bit when I was using it..I was being careless:( It’s what I like to think of as a “neutral pink”  – it gives lips some colour but looks very polished  and neutral/natural at the same time. “Polished” is coincidentally (ok maybe not so coincidentally) what Raffinée actually means in French ( i.e refined or polished)! You can pretty much wear it with anything and it’s awesome for work. Something to note is that it looks a lot lighter once worn than the way it looks in the tube. I tested it before hand, so this wasn’t a shock to me.

The packaging is classic Chanel packaging. Always classy!  The part that has the logo is actually like a click release that comes up when pressed , and you can take the lipstick out after that:




The name for this range is perfect! This lipstick is definitely a matte, but it is not a FLAT matte. It is “luminous” indeed and  so comfortable to wear!  Bear in mind however that it can (and does  for me) emphasize the *look* of already dry lips a TINY bit –  but it  doesn’t *feel* drying at all. A bit of lip balm underneath, and it’s all good.


It lasts a good six hours on me before fading a bit ( around 4 hours if I ate and drank in between).  I do love this lipstick. The sad part however is that it looks quite similar to Chanel Rose Secret (138) which I had from a while ago. But these sorts of things are to be expected when you have too many lipsticks I suppose !! It’s a good thing I love these sorts of colours though, so I know they won’t go to waste.


[usrlist Packaging:5 Pigmentation:5 Texture:4 staying_power:3   avg=”true” ]


its_a_deelight_transparent_fullI would whole heartedly recommend this to someone looking for a comfortable matte that doesn’t fall flat :)  I do also love the Absolute Rouge Mat lipsticks from Lancome ! They are very comparable.

P.S: What do you think of this format for my posts? Do you like the format where I break it up into sections like I usually do better? Does the broken down star rating help at all ? I just felt that that  my previous format of posts was making them very “cookie-cutter”  and also a little too long sometimes. Please let me know your thoughts. Ty:)