SO many great little time to choose:) It’s awesome that this applies to suncare  products as well  because all of us have such varied needs.  I have dry skin in the winter and combination in the summer. These products have worked well for me over the years – and I’ve bought the sunscreens here in particular time and again because I love them so much! I’ve separated them into products that I use before I go have my fun in the sun and then those that I use after!

BEFORE you have your fun in the sun:





I don’t use anything with less than an SPF of 30 because I basically feel it’s useless. I’ve used susncreen religiously for over 2 decades now and don’t intend to stop now:)  La Roche Posay has been my go to for sunscreen for about 5-6 years now . The Anthelios XL (27$ CAD)  is quite thick going on but is moisturizing and absorbs well   – this is heavy duty sunscreen that works great if you burn easily and will spend hours and hours in the sun ( its for the face and body and has never broken me out) . The Anthelios Lotion (27$ CAD)  is very thin and like a milk – it’s very dry to the touch once on kind of like how  the Neutrogena Sheer sunscreen feels once on.

In addition to the LRP ones, my current favourite of over a year now is the IDC Integrale (32$ CAD). It’s texture is simply divine – it really feels and goes on just like a great moisturizer and does what it’s supposed to  – protects very well! I just bought backups for myself and also for my sis and mom.  I also like the Biore Aqua Rich watery mousse (around 12$ USD on ebay) which Isabella  had raved about – which is more of a primer , so I can’t use enough to feel like it can protect well, but as a makeup base with very high SPF it really is lovely! Keeps makeup on for hours on end and livens up my complexion.



The Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration ($9.99 CAD)  is my hands down favourite. Its SO moisturising, smells heavenly, protects really well and is 10$ for 180ml :|It’s a no -brainer:) The Biotherm sunscreen (35$ CAD) is actually something I had bought for my face but its so thick and pasty that I use it on my body now and it offers that extra protection in the sun when you need it !

Makeup with SPF




Love the L’oreal silky sheer BB cream ($12-$17 CAD but available for $8 USD on amazon)  – it’s like  a tinted sunscreen ( review here) that works great for a no-fuss look to even and protect  skin.  The other two products are from Shiseido ( a brand that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I think about their products:) ) – one is the Sun Protection stick  foundation ($28 USD) (I have it in the shade ochre ) that works brilliantly well!


The other one is the Sun protection compact powder ($30USD) that you can use on top of your makeup or alone. I like it to use over my makeup during the day – because I don’t like reapplying liquid sunscreen on my face once I’m out and about. Both lovely products that I highly recommend!




Summertime rolls around and so do the shorts, short skirts, minis and leg..lots of leg:)  I love the Sally Hansen Leg Makeup ($12 CAD)’s like a foundation for your legs that doesn’t rub off once dry. It covers any unevenness, spider veins etc., gives them a lovely sheen and looks SO pretty in photos/ photoshoots! I have tried the airbrush version of this as well in the past which worked well but would clog very easily. Another favourite of mine which is like the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is the Honey Bronze shimmering dry oil from The Body Shop ($14 USD). It gives skin such a beautiful sheen . I love dry oils in general, but this one is really really pretty! (I’ve had mine for a while now as you can probably tell from the peeling label lol)


AFTER you have your fun in the sun:


Aloe Vera gel is fine and all that, but if you have a really bad sunburn or even just want to moisturize really well after being out in the sun, this La Roche Posay After Sun hydrating gel/cream  has you covered . I bought this for around $15 CAD because it was half-off which is SUCH a steal! I cant seem to find it anywhere online for less than 40$ now tho:( It’s not transparent like you would expect a gel to me – it’s a like a thick moisturizer that really does melt into your skin and is SO so soothing and moisturizing! Can’t go wrong with this one. I haven’t personally used it on my face but it is safe to use anywhere.

So there you have it those are my Summer DEElights and essentials! Do you have some favourites/items that you cannot do without in  the summertime? Do tell!:)

P.S: In other news today  – 1. I launched my Galleries section ( menu on top of the site) 2. Too Faced is on Hautelook ( small selection, but its there – and Eyeko too) .Enjoy:)