First off..

 HAPPYFOURTH OFJULY to anyone/everyone celebrating it!!  :) 

I haven’t done a nail post in a while so thought it might be fun to do one. I don’t know about you  but when I’m not sure whether I’ll LOVE the colour, or use it often enough I’m likely to buy the drugstore versions of “dupable” colours to test the waters first.

This shade from Sally Hansen in Blue Me Away ( $3.49 CAD) is an almost exact dupe for Essie’s I’m addicted from their summer 2014 collection or like Butter London’s Keks from their 2013 summer collection. It’s also very similar to  OPI’s Ogre the top! Talk about a dupable/also very popular blue!!

Essie describes Im Addicted as a “neon aquamarine blue” , which is pretty much how I would describe Blue Me away too.



It’s actually quite a pretty summery shade of blue that I enjoyed….for a few days. Something about HOW blue it was just made me want to take it off after 3-4 days, but I feel the same way about most in-your-face-bright colours – so that could be just me!

It applied very smoothly and evenly  so I was happy about that, but the bad thing about this particular shade was that it stained my nails pretty badly even with a base coat underneath. So if you love this colour and will use it often, go with Essie’s I’m addicted instead:)

The shade looks different in different lighting – I enjoyed it while it lasted  but I’ll probably only use it only on my toes or as an accent colour from here on! Bit too bright and stainy for my fingers:)




Not quite the DEElight I had hoped for but at that price, it really doesn’t matter and at least now I know I don’t love it enough to buy the real deal:)

How about you? Like It? Too Blue? Too bright?  On an unrelated note, I’ve been in search of a  particular shade of turquoise polish for a while now and I finally managed to put a name to it so I can buy it! It’s Butter London’s Slapper! It’s such a pretty and unique shade of blue!

I thought this might also be as good a time as any to share some more of my jewellery with you:) A gift from my sis MsEpiphany, I wear this beautiful silver charm bracelet almost everyday and I think the blue in the charms is so gorgeous!!:


She had it made for me by John from Honolulu Jewellers . John & Jackie from the store are two of the sweetest jewellers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in recent times!

Something else that I wear daily ( also from my sis) is this beautiful silver bangle that she had made for both of us by Katia on Etsy . She has some neat personalized jewellery (like personalized rings too for example) and you really feel the love when you receive the package:)

The bangle reads “Always sisters, forever friends K& D” awww MsEpiphany….you’re just too sweet !! :



These earrings aren’t exactly blue but they have a lot of blue in them , are super light and pretty and also from Honolulu Jewellers:

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