Soo…this started out as a perfectly innocent morning yesterday with me and my hubby going to downtown Montreal to buy a couple of gifts for his folks in Istanbul ( we’re going to visit there and  a couple of other places in Turkey & Europe in 2 weeks- yay!!:) ). Downtown was pretty chaotic because of the annual Carribean parade that we had no idea was going to take place .

So Montreal looked a bit like this:montreal_parade2

We had to go to the Tom Ford counter as well because a friend of ours who had bought Oud Wood the last time he visited us managed to break it on the plane journey back to Europe (gah I know!!)! So we bought him a backup ( and got a lot of samples too in the process, that last for *ages*!). My original review of Oud Wood is here  (thankfully we  haven’t broken our bottle and I still love it:) ). Anyway, so we smelled almost everything from his new collection, his old collection , other perfumes from Armani’s private blend and a whole bunch of other perfumes. My nose did need those coffee beans by the time I was done, but it was so so fun:)



I think just the fact that we had spent so much time at the Tom Ford counter got me itching to buy one of his lipsticks. I actually wanted to buy Indian Rose and a blush but they didn’t have any of his blushes in store and I liked the texture of Nubile more when I swatched it so that’s what I got:



It’s technically from  his “Lip Color Shine” range, which means it’s sheerer than his full coverage lipsticks, but also vastly more hydrating!  When I swatched Nubile on my hand it was like a dusky, rosy brown, but on my lips it translates to an even softer nude – that I also like!

I thought I must definitely have something in my stash that is already very much like it but I swatched the ones that I thought might be closest and I was very happy to note that I was wrong!!nubile_Swatches See?:)

Even though they are supposedly on the sheer side, this one was plenty pigmented on me and I was really happy about that. Can you imagine paying 55$ for a semi-transparent, sheer lip balm!!

And this is what it looks like once on:



It was 55$ CAD/50$ USD (without tax:) ) so it’s quite the luxury item ..I mean I could’ve almost bought a backup of my beloved  Parure Lumiere for this price : ) . BUT it’s Tom Ford! The packaging is screams luxury, the texture of the lipstick is so divinely hydrating and plush and the colour is unique ( to me)!  I think it will pair wonderfully with a smoky eye and is tres chic! The texture is where it *really* shines and for such a hydrating colour it lasts a good 5 hours on me.  So yes it is all I had hoped it would be and…


However, (and I add this “however” very begrudgingly) -however, at the end of the day  it *is* just a very moisturizing lipstick, and there are many lipsticks like the ones from BITE beauty, the Too Faced La Creme lipsticks or even the UD ones that come pretty close in texture and have similar shades. So in the spirit of being completely honest about it,  this is definitely something that I would only treat myself  to once in a (possibly long) while, when I feel the itch for a Tom Ford lipstick ( and I’ve already decided that I’ll buy Indian Rose the next time that itch  surfaces! Muahaha muahaha :) )

I also have a haul part deux/duh (includes the YSL babydoll Kiss& Blush stain –  thanks to the overly tempting photos  by Julie  and Carolyn ) to share with you all but I’ve been trying to catch up on other things this weekend and I have so many loose ends to tie up before we head off to our 3-week vacation next Friday,  so it might have to wait a bit 😉
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I hope you have a great week ahead!! Did you haul anything? What was it? Details! Details!:)