In my last fitness post I mentioned how important it is to integrate clean eating and exercise into our daily routines. For permanent/lasting results both from a health and appearance perspective, we have to look at this as a way of life/lifestyle. If we look at it as a DIET  it will feel like it and will most likely be temporary.  Same goes for exercise -if we look at is as something to do until we lose X pounds, the results will not last and we will  not reap any of the long term health benefits that exercise has to offer.

So how do you do it? Well sometimes YOU JUST HAVE TO FORCE YOURSELF!

This is especially important when you’re trying to form the habits  and make it your way of life rather than something you try for a few weeks.  It’s not the easiest thing in the world to eat  very healthy when we’re surrounded by all the tasty junk that life has to offer us! And it’s definitely not easy to go to the gym at the end of a  long work day when all you want to do is get home and kick back( or maybe do something more fun). BUT , once you make these things  part of your daily routine you will miss doing them and it will get that much easier from there on.

So if you feel like eating:5-IMG-20110625-00033-1

Focus on eating that healthy lunch you made instead ( trust me thats way tastier than it looks lol):


or if you really want to satisfy your sweet tooth try something less indulgent: ( love this flavor! )

And when you feel like kicking back like so at the end of your work day :4-06-05-08_1710-1


Tell yourself you can do that once you’re done with the gym (or whatever other form of exercise you engage in ), because you want results:


Again,  this is where being mentally prepared becomes so important. MsEpiphany ( my sister) pointed out that Nike’s slogan pretty much sums it up ” JUST DO IT” :)  I myself am trying to get back to my cardio routine in the morning now after a short hiatus, and it ain’t easy.However, I really believe that if I could change my lifestyle, anyone can!
P.S: special thanks to my diva cat Jimbo for her appearance in this post.
P.P.S: I’ve been all over the place this year with work and travel etc but hope to compete again this October and will increase the frequency of my fitness posts (when I’m back from vacation!).