I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone invented this! It’s a Monday – I want to get straight to the point ! So…


$12.00 CAN




It’s a pretty silver tube that looks like a sample mascara, size-wise. Here’s how small it is for comparison :



Yep, pretty darn small ( and that’s precisely why it works so well on the lower lashes!) . The teeny tiny brush has the ideal tapered shape to coat every single lower lash super easily.


I bought it in the shade Black/Brown ( 02), because I don’t like the lower lashes to look too dark. I find it just exacerbates any  already existing darkness under the eyes and makes me look tired. The pigmentation on this was just perfect for me – not too dark, not too light.


It applies so smooth –  no smudging or clumping and it stays put. Doesn’t flake through the day and elongates the lower lashes nicely.  Notice the lower lashes in the before and after pictures here ( this is with one coat of mascara):




It has a subtle effect from afar that I like ( ideal product for the” no-makeup” makeup look) :



[usrlist Packaging:3 Pigmentation:4 Texture:4 “staying_power:5″  avg=”true” ]


Oh you guessed it. This ones a deelight_pink_lips  ! HIGHLY recommend if you’ve been looking for a good bottom lash mascara!