Water, water, water! ‘Tis really the essence of life..no? I think most people dont take this literally, when in fact it really is!! I work in IT in an office all day where the air is quite dry and it never fails to shock me that most people don’t drink even 1 liter of water (4 cups) a day..even in those conditions!! And then I find many people also think 8 glasses a day is sufficient !

Water intake and manipulation are such a huge part of fitness competitions for a good reason! Losing 10-12 pounds or even more in as short a time as just 3 weeks based on pure water intake is very real and I’ve witnessed it first hand :)

The more water you drink the more water you flush out, so youre consequently less bloated. That’s water weight folks! And most of us are holding on to that for no good reason just because we don’t get enough water.

I thought it might be fun to make an infographic out of why I think water is sooooo important! ( you can click to enlarge)…


Saw this pic below on @kellya90’s instagram and think it sums it up really nicely lol ! :)