I’ll admit it’s slightly overwhelming for me to even *think* about  WHAT products to pick for these posts  because I have so many, and I have almost as many favourites! I’ve picked some that I bought recently ( not necessarily in August) and am really liking   – great value  regardless of price. I would gladly pay much more for these than drugstore prices ( which continue to climb!). I also have my recent  “non-drugstore” favs picked out which I’ll feature in another post. Now onto the post!



1. Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Foundation Stick in #16 Tawny


This was the darkest shade they carried at the Target here and I bought it on a whim ( and because I can’t resist any makeup thats in stick form!!). It was  too dark for me to use before my vacation but I find it’s just the perfect shade right now. Look..see… That’s one swipe unblended  :) :



It feels like a tinted moisturizer in stick form to me and I’ve been really enjoying it and using it on a daily basis. No cakiness, no  fuss and lasts all day on me without oxidizing! All this @ a 10-14$ price tag…colour me impressed!  I’m wearing it in all the other photos in this post so you can see what it looks like when blended out ( it  *really is* undetectable)

2. Lipsticks from Revlon, Quo and Sonia Kashuk



The Sonia Kashuk Sheer luxe one was on sale for 3$….I have another one in Plum that I bought ages ago ( based on a recommended by EmilyNoel) and I absolutely loved the texture of. This one is no different. So moisturizing and lovely…and for 3$…that was almost funny!  The Quo (brand by Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada) lip stain  is pretty much giving my YSL Glossy Lip stain a run for its money right now. It is SO comfortable and long wearing, and they have some gorgeous shades. I picked up an orangey red shade called Oo La La but suspect I will be buying another one ( these are 14$ each). The Revlon Colorburst lipcolours have been around for a while now so it doesnt need any introduction. I did a review on their matte range of this lipstick a while back.  I had taken these pictures quickly at the end of a long work day(and all stuffed up with a cold in most cases), so I apologize in advance for any graininess /”looking tiredness” :)) :


3. A mixed bunch of waterproof eyeliner pencils


I found the PRS Laboratories ones at a drugstore in Istanbul and the Essence Ones at a local drugstore here.


They are ABSOLUTELY budge-proof once set ( within few seconds of application) and amazing quality for the cost. The PRS ones were around 9$ each. The Essence ones seem to be limited edition and at only a $1.99 or so a piece their quality has me going…WHHAAAA….!  Look at this…this is after a LOT ( and I mean a LOTTT) of rubbing with a napkin:



So there you have it – those are my current Drugstore DEElights for August. Have you had any luck in the drugstore this month? Any fails? ( those are always way more useful to hear about..I just haven’t had any in a while!!) . I hope you have a great Monday tomorrow ( or today if you’re in the Far East:) ).

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