Long time since I did one of these. I’ve been blogging for about 7-8 months now, but only started actively participating in the blogging community since maybe around June/July? So I’m going to say THATS when I really started blogging. I had no idea that meeting other cool bloggers and connecting with them was actually the BEST part about blogging. Writing about something you love is nice, but without all the connections it’s like you’re just drifting alone in hyperspace!

I wanted to return some of that love to some new and upcoming bloggers as well as some established ones that I discovered recently and have been enjoying. Here they are (in no particular order):



Mo(nique) is as  passionate about makeup & beauty as she is about health and wellness – two things near & dear to my heart! Busy woman with a career in the medical field, mom to two adorable kids, yogi. Check her out:)



I’ve followed Macy on instagram for a while now. I don’t know of anyone else ( hmm maybe besides Julie) who can carry off brights/darks quite like she can. Pretty & hilarious and …also pretty hilarious:p, she started her blog very recently but I know from her instagram , that it’s going to be good!



Founding member of http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/select whaaaat! Allison is a busy wife and mom , passionate about everything that us beauty bloggers are passionate about. I really enjoy her style of posts and it makes me want to keep going back.



Does macrophotograpphy like no other blogger Ive seen so far! Scientist by day, makeup fanatic by night, fantastic photos, clean writing style, detailed reviews…what’s not to like!


[thumb]http://www.swissbeautytalk.blogspot.ca [/thumb]

Cheryl writes about ALL kindsa stuff beauty-related and unrelated. Like her recent post for example, was a cute DIY bracelet post. She has ridiculously thick, long lashes that you can all go and envy now!

I continue to update my main hall of blog love here as well .

I also found a couple of other links that were interesting. Like have you EVER been able to fold a fitted sheet neatly?? I always give up exasperated and it usually just lies there like a big crumpled ball/bundle in the closet.  You can find out how to do that  as well as check out some other interesting links  here:
Huge List of Lipstick Dupes! Ohhh yeahhh
How to fold a fitted sheet  Yes finally..instructions I can follow !!
Get them audrey hepburn eyes! Who doesn’t want that!!
Bad Idea T shirts  The name says it all. Personally, I find (most of) them hilarious.  They have a promotion going on of buy 3 get 6 free!

As for myself, I’m also on Instagram ( gets updated the most)/BlogLovin/Facebook/Twitter!

Hope your weekend is going GREAT and good luck for the week ahead!!! :)