Heyloooo! I’m back to blogging after what feels like…well years to me. I’ve been so busy with work and everything else, but for those of you know who know that I was prepping for my bodybuilding competition last weekend, it went very well (considering the short prep time and setbacks)  – I placed 2nd at the Quebec Provincials and am qualified again for next year’s National level competition in June/July 2015. Quick pic that was taken with my hubby (also my coach) right after the show (will have better quality pics later, sorry!):


Ok so now that thats shared, let’s move on :)

Winter’s around the corner here in Montreal…I can feel it ..ugh!! It’s getting that….well..”wintery” feeling …cold draughts of air, chapped lips, dry eyes ..everythings getting grey and gloomy…gah so depressing:( Fashion-wise, winter is all about layering to me – so I thought it might be fun to talk about my current favourite “layering” lipglosses too!

In my opinion, layering lipglosses don’t change the colour of the underlying lipstick or pencil much but lend a certain something to the look to make it that much prettier/fun. They are on the sheerer side and lend themselves nicely to this purpose.



From L-R they are The BodyShop Crystal Sparkle Gloss , TooFaced Status Gloss ( in Billionaire Boyfriend),  Forever21 Lipplumper gloss ( in Berry), Stila Silk Shimmer Gloss ( Kitten), Annabelle Le Gloss (Electrique), Black Opal  ColorSplurge Gloss ( in Plush) and Lancome  Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny gloss (in  Fruity Pop).

For effect, here I am wearing Tom Ford’s Nubile  (in what turned out to be quite an awkward picture)  on the left and then with the BodyShop sparkle gloss over it in the right:



See what I mean? Very subtle, but there! 

Where they really shine (quite literally!) however  is in  sunlight or  flash photography. See… ?:)



The Forever21 gloss is labeled a “lip plumper” but really its a very glassy looking gloss that makes lips look ultra-smooth . I love how it looks and it has a cinnamon taste to it that I also love! The Black Opal and the Lancome Juicy tube have similar opal-ish, pink and orange flecks in them that I luuuv ! The Stila, Too Faced and Annabelle  ones have more neutral coloured sparkles in them, which really makes them easy to pair with anything!

I have SO many other favourites (that will probably be featured in posts at some point) but if I had to pick a few ones that I use on a regular basis it’s these ones.

I’ve been terrible at keeping up with blogging as well as blog-reading so I have about 600 unread blog posts in my inbox :((  I hope everyone is doing great though and it certainly feels good to be back!

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P.S: My hauls don’t seem to have had any kind of setbacks despite my busy schedule so I have much more coming up in that quarter  – stay tuned 😉