I usually dedicate these Brand Focus posts to products that I love from ONE brand. They are usually a mix of products for the face, lips, eyes etc  but this time I’m focusing only on  my most favourite makeup product  – lipsticks  :)

Bourjois is pretty popular as a brand in Canada and I can completely see why.  Over the years, I’ve had great success with their eyeliners, mascaras, nail colours, blushes and lipsticks. While their foundations and powders are  pretty good too, I’ve just never had luck with finding a match for my skin tone :(  Their biggest hit this year is probably their Velvet Matte lipsticks line.  I featured Grand Cru in my favourite reds post a while back and I have since acquired a few more from the line! I have to preface this post by  saying :


I love these:) .  While matte lipsticks certainly have their place in makeup, I feel that the “very matte” lipsticks look too severe in most cases and are just not ..me! So these were quite the deviation from my usual norm !


(from L-R Nude-ist, Ole Flamingo, Grand Cru, Frambourjoise)

1. #07 Nude-ist



While this looked like it would be a not-so-light pinky-mauve in the tube, it goes on a lot lighter! The above picture is with one coat. With 2 it looks like this:


A lot brighter but also..a lot drier :(  This was the patchiest of the 4 and the texture just wasn’t as good as the rest. Sad, because I actually like the color A LOT and I LOVE the applicators on these:


2. #05 Ole Flamingo



It’s a HOT HOT pink that makes your teeth look super white . See…


Great colour for a night out or if you’re like my sis (MsEpiphany), it’s a great anytime colour bahah. She wears brights fearlessly any time  – day or night  – may her tribe increase. The  texture is GREAT on this shade. Really really  love it!

3. #08 Grand Cru

Already featured here  but this one has the *best* texture of these 4 mattes and is a gorgeous, sophisticated red that doesn’t look too severe or dry :


Yes…. that’s a deelight_pink_lips right there! Also – because it’s not super bright, I think it makes a GREAT holiday red!

4. #02 Frambourjoise


Fram”bourjoise”…yes I see what you did there Bourjois. Very clever. True to the name, this is a pretty raspberry-pink shade. Doesn’t apply as evenly as Ole Flamingo and Grand Cru but isn’t bad either and is also a gorgeous colour!

5. Color Boost glossy finish lipstick

The last of the Bourjois lipsticks that I bought this year and REALLY REALLY loved is the Color Boost glossy finish lipstick in the colour Fuschia Libre. It’s not matte, but it’s just a GORGEOUS shade of pink – universally flattering ( IMO) , applies like a dream and stays put.  I had featured it on my instagram page a while back:

bourjois_fuschiaLibreIt’s way more moisturizing than any of the other chubby pencils that have been on the market this year ( from the ones that I tried anyway) and the finish and lasting power are fantastic.  its_a_deelight_transparent_full

That wraps up my 2 cents on these babies. While I really liked these, if you have dry lips that don’t do well with matte’s stay far from Nude-ist (and always make sure your lips are well hydrated/prepped before application of any of these) If you must try one or TWO things this year from Bourjois and haven’t already  –  Grand Cru and Fuschia Libre. Can’t go wrong with either of these!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend :)  This is what my Saturday morning  looked like in Montreal! :


and 4-20141206_123301

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