Another year (almost) gone …countless makeup items bought…countless makeup items unused, but also…countless makeup items loved (AND used…and blogged about :) ).  I thought it would be really difficult for me to pick my most loved products this year but it was SURPRISINGLY easy!!!  I was able to pick them out right away ( almost!), so I know they are TRUE DEElights 😉 I’ve blogged about most of them over the course of the year , but here they are in one beautiful  roundup:)





For foundation my Estee Lauder Double Wear has stayed a year round favourite. NEVER have I had any issues with it and it always looks SO natural while still capable of being full coverage. My  Sephora airbrush spray foundation comes in a close second ( almost a tie:) ). For setting powders , hands down the NARS Light Reflecting setting powderand Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder . Together they make my makeup bullet-proof and give my skin that “photoshopped” look but in real life:)

The most comprehensive palette that has the most beautiful shades of blush, a bronzer and a gorgeous highlighter with gold and green flecks ( the most gorgeous duochrome!) is the limited edition Sephora Divergent Palette.  Used it SO often for travel and for everyday wear – it has so much of product , all so smoothly milled and just gorgeous on warmer skin tones.  I feel terrible that it’s LE but I love it and had to mentioned it.

For blushes I picked  Chanel’s Presage , The Balm’s InStain blush in Argyle and Becca’s Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé in Lychee Opal . I love the texture of these blushes, the colour and their staying power. If I had to pick just ONE I’d go with Argyle  – it’s SO incredibly pigmented  that this one pan is probably going to last me forever no joke , always brightens up my complexion and it’s staying power is ridiculous(ly excellent) !

Lipsticks – ok THESE were hard for me. I am SUCH a lipstick hoarder with SOOOOO  many lipsticks that I love that this was relatively hard, but I went with Chanel’s La Raffineé and Maybelline’s Who Wore it Red-der ( love SO many of the Color whisper lipsticks but this one is oh-so-purdy). Together , these are the  PERFECT everyday pink and everyday red in my opinion. I love the packaging of Chanel lipsticks and I thought this one looked extra pretty!


For eyeshadows I went with ones that I have used the most over the course of this year when I was in a hurry ( which is most of the time)   – Buxom’s Golden Retriever and Chanel’s Mirage. The Buxom one  has since been discontinued and I have no idea why because the texture and colour are SO gorgeous. Chanel’s mirage is such a complex colour  – sometimes olive green , sometimes khaki, sometimes a dirty gold, sometimes a brown – its an amazing colour with amazing texture and I’m so glad I managed to get my hands on it!

The only other products that should have gotten a mention but didn’t make it into the photoshoot there  are my EVERYDAY, go-to  correctors and concealers  – namely Benefit’s Erase Paste , the ITCosmetics concealer and my Estee Lauder Double wear concealer wand.  These,  I have used EVERY single day this year – they don’t have any competition from any other products in my makeup arsenal!!




Yep…it’s the Becca Shimmer Souffle blush ( shown here in Lychee Opal) !!  Ive seen many products with really pretty *packaging* but this is one product where the actual product itself was SO gorgeous!! My friend Agata also told me it smells divine which I thought was really cool, but unfortunately my nose couldn’t detect much of a scent from mine.

So there you have  – TOP PICKS/DEElights of 2014!!! I hope you liked them. I also want to take this opportunity to wish you the most WONDERFUL times ahead in 2015 . I’ve made so many friends this year just from this blog and my Instagram account alone, that  I feel so much richer in that aspect :) Thanks for reading and connecting!! See you all in 2015  – maybe via a new platform/blog but see you nonetheless 😉  (also see you on Instagram/ Twitter in the meantime:) )