What ever happened to just using my HANDS to wash my face” ? That is exactly what I thought as I looked at the various “cleansing devices” staring at me from my bathroom shelf a few nights ago. I had all these “manual” tools:


Manual Tools

(I know they look filthy but really they are not  – cross my heart :) )

some electric ones:


And of course the various cleansers themselves…an exfoliating one, a creamy one, a foamy one.. For reference I have dry/combination  skin ( dry in the winter , combination in the summer!)

The funny thing is I  realized I really only use 2 of these almost all the time. Which ones you ask? I’ll come to that in a few, but the way I acquired so many of these is kind of like the way we gain weight…slowly and surely..it kind of crept up on me :))

I had bought the Olay ProX because I didn’t want to spend on a Clairsonic a couple of years ago . I like mini-anythings so I had to buy the scrubby little silicone sponge that I talked about in my DEElightful tools list a while back, the exfoliating sponge that my sister gave me,  a washcloth that just seems to clean my face SO well that I  hang on to that too , the Clairsonic Mia2 that I finally did end up buying (but mainly for my hubby) and then finally the Luna Foreo Mini that I couldn’t pass up on during the Sephora VIB rouge event last year because I had read SO many good things about it.

Here’s my take on all of them :

Clairsonic Mia for Normal skin (appprox 130$ USD)1.It exfoliates and cleans REALLY well. 2.Can take the larger brush apart to use it as a mini brush for just the nose if you like! 3.Comes in different colours/LE designs. 4. Perfect for guys, IMO.1. It exfoliates almost TOO well, so delicate skin will find this too harsh for daily use. 2.Needs to be charged every other week with daily use of once per day. 3. Price could be a con for some - the full size version is almost 230$ uSD) 4. The brush heads need to be changed once every few months (or so they tell you) and those are about 30$ a head.
Luna Foreo Mini (129$ USD)1.Its pink (actually comes in many pretty pastel colours!) 2.Provides 8000 sonic pulses per minute, 3. Exfoliates very gently, cleans very well. 4. I've used it every day for the past 2 months and haven't had to charge it even once yet.The shape doesn't let you get into corners too well. I sometimes have to go over the inner corners of my eye with the face wash because this doesn't reach well into teeny spaces. 3. Cannot use any exfoliating washes with this - it will spoil the silicone nubby things.
Olay Professional Pro-Rx (approx 30$ USD)1.The price 2. It comes with a really nice gentle exfoliating face wash that is great even on its own. 3. Has a couple of different modes just like the others but none of them are too harsh/too gentle. 4. The brush head size is PERFECT, especially for smaller faces like mine! 5. The battery life is not great on it and is not rechargeable - takes AAA batteries.I really couldn't find any cons with this one other than it would have been even better if it were rechargeable. The battery life stinks.
Good ol' washcloth (1$-5$ USD)Find the right washcloth and it can take away all makeup and dirt in one (s)wipe! It has to be a little on the rougher side so that when its damp with warm water it's JUST right. LOVE it for removing eye makeup.Doesn't deep clean. Need to have a couple of them on hand if you'll use them more than once a day and it's still not as convenient.
SIlicone Sponge ( 2$-4$ USD)1. The price 2. The size 3. I've had mine for over 2 years now and with daily use with various cleansers (exfoliating ones included) it still works great. The colour has changed but hey...its 2$ I can just buy another one. 4. The "bendability" factor - lets you get into the corners of your eyes too and it;s so gentle.Not too great at exfoliating very dry skin
Exfoliating Sponge ( approx 2-5$ USD)1.The price 2.THe texture - it's great for gentle exfoliation especially around the nose. 3. It comes in various shapes , sizes and degrees of roughness.Not very hygienic and you do have to keep replacing them because the fibrous nature of it is a germ trap.





So which ones do I use the most? Well I used to use the Olay Pro-X and the Silicon sponge the most.  I really don’t like the Clairsonic on myself because it’s just too harsh on my skin. I can use it once a week at best. It’s also weighty and the head is too large for my tiny face. The sensitive head might have been a better choice for me, but we bought this for my hubby and he does love it. He uses it regularly but for some strange reason I end up having to charge it.

Here are the  Olay Pro-Rx vs Clairsonic brush heads for comparison:

And for an idea of the difference in size of the devices themselves:01-20140713_183709

While I couldn’t really find any major cons with the Olay Pro Rx cleansing device, I find the batteries to be a bit of a nuisance personally. The charge does run out pretty fast and I usually discover that it’s in that annoyingly low battery phase when I’m already in the shower.

The only devices/tools that I have been using of recent are the Luna Foreo Mini ( ever since I bought it a few months ago) and the silicone scrubber pad/cleansing sponge when I’m feeling a little lazier. The Foreo has done wonders for the pores /blackheads on my nose and has a side with larger nubs specifically for that. It looks larger than it is  – it fits nicely in the palm of my hand.



So I realized that while I am still perfectly capable of using just my hands to wash  my face,  I think these tools certainly make a big difference to my face cleaning routine and I will always be loyal to the silicone scrubbing pad – whether it be electric or manual!  And in the end,  the biggest difference is made by the kind of face wash that I use. The La Roche Posay Effaclar foaming gel is it for me.  It’s been an amazing all-year round face wash –  never drying me out , always leaving my skin squeaky clean and the 400ml bottle of it that I have will probably last me 2 years because you need such a tiny amount of it.

Are you loyal to any  face washing tools/methods? I’d love to hear about it!