I did kind-of  introduce this /allude to this a while back but here it is  – out in the open! This is a collaborative blog that Mo (my sister from another mister :)) ) and I started so we can share our love for all things health and fitness related as well.  The intro below is what you’ll find in our About page at FitchicksWithLipsticks but I thought I can just put it up here  as well so it’s out there! I don’t know how many of you are interested in these types of posts but do check us out there and let us know what you think:) We’ll be adding all kinds of content as we go along – but we’ve just started, so go easy on us heh.



What is Fit Chicks With Lipsticks ?

Simply put, we are your friendly health and beauty alliance (look  – it says that right there in the banner above!) :)   Monique from MoMakeupMoBeauty  and  Dee from  HowDoesDeeDoIt are collaborating on health and fitness related posts in a series that will hopefully be not only fun to read but helpful as well. We just want to help  motivate anyone who wants to get/stay healthy but thinks its too much work by sharing what has worked for us along the way.  We love makeup but we also love fitness and we love trying out recipes that are healthy but taste all kindsa yummy too!

Who we are ( in our own words:) )


Me, a mom, a wife, a fitness addict and clean eating enthusiast.

I want to do any and everything to prolong my life. My daughters are my motivation every single day, they are the reason I entered the medical field where I specialize in respiratory care. and not a day goes by that I can’t find something to be grateful for.

I am a proud clean eater, kettlebell yogi fitness gal. My current routines are all done at home. I have nothing against gyms but find that I am most comfortable at home.

In society today it’s very easy for us to fall into the habits of convenience but we must fight and take care of ourselves.

What your children see you doing is what they know, I am a testament of that.

Makeup… another passion of mine. I finally turned that obsession into something constructive I started my very own blog earlier this year. Where I share all sorts of goodies and also where I was so fortunate enough to meet a beautiful woman named Dee. I can’t help but feel like she is my sister, such an amazing woman.

Dee and I are here to help you, we are here to motivate you and share our favorites in health and beauty with you.  I may be a busy mom but I am a strong believer that if you truly want something “You can do it”!



You can read about my story behind my interest in health and fitness here but the gist of it is that I was sick of being “skinny fat” for most of my life , being teased about it when I was younger and then finding out just how unhealthy that really was in my later years and that skinny fat is really just FAT !  I am very fortunate to have a wonderful husband who is not only one of the most intelligent people I know but also a powerhouse of knowledge on all things health and fitness related  and has helped me not only change my entire lifestyle for the better but also of recent with my fitness competitions in the past 2 years . I  have days when I do feel like eating the house and everything in it :) but I try to maintain a healthy balance and the “healthy lifestyle” (which is really just my lifestyle now!)  is definitely ingrained in me after so many years of sticking with it.   I know many, many moms who have full time jobs and still have similarly healthy lifestyles  – Mo is a wonderful example and it honestly just takes a little bit of prep work, some motivation and a promise just to yourself (and no one else) that you’ll at least try :) The habit, once formed is very easy to maintain! I really hope we can just add to all the help that’s already out there, share our fat “Dee-Mo-lition” techniques and show that if we can do it anyone can ! Active participation  is highly encouraged and we would love it if our readers could share their tips & tricks with other readers and ourselves too! Contact us anytime at fitchickswithlipsticks[at]gmail.com or via our contact form.