Heylo everyone! Sorry about the long-ish absence from my posting schedule – I just got back from a much-needed mini-vacation in Costa Rica (that I thoroughly enjoyed)!! A few pics here:


Pura Vida! Pura Vida! I’ m now trying to get back to reality and the harshness that is the Canadian winter :(

I realized that I haven’t written about this little makeup MUST-HAVE of mine that I have used every single day for the past decade now. Not the SAME one ofcourse, but I always have one ( or more!) handy  – they are my trusty eye brightening pencil(s)! I don’t know from who or where I first learned this trick, but man it’s the best beauty trick ever invented to LOOK ALIVE!!  I LOOOOOOVE jumbo eye pencils  ( and lip pencils..but we’re talking about eyes right now) and I’ve found so many amazing ones that work brilliantly as highlighters. Here are some of my favy favs :


Some ugly hand swatches that do them no justice:


How I use them

Being that these are quite shimmery I don’t like using them under my brow bone  ( I have a matte jumbo pencil by Milani that I use for that when I’m in the mood for it). I stick to using these in the inner corners of my eyes. I don’t like the bright white ones because they look too stark against my skin tone. I find the golden/peach/pink ones look best! Oh and sometimes a really light shimmery lilac looks gorgeous too.  I have used one of these in literally EVERY makeup look that I have posted so far. My favourites are Yogurt by NYX and Blonde Ambition by Sephora, but the staying power on ALL of these is amazing – I’m talking 14 hours or more! I also layer them sometimes  – either with one another or with a shimmery shadow in the same tone. The Marcelle one ( sorry my american franz..this one is Canada only) can be used as a shadow too.

It’s unbelievable what a subtle and YET obvious difference it makes!! It’s more amazing than my blue liner trick! I’m pretty sure I’m wearing Yogurt or Pink Darling here:



See what I mean? It’s SO subtle and yet it makes a BIG, no HUGE difference when I use it (or so I think anyway bahah). Have one of those babies on here too:



Hmmm? Mmm? What do you think? Makes a difference, yes? I always look so much more awake when I do this!


I’m pretty sure everyone has a favourite highlighter! What are yours?

Hope you have an amazing weekend!