Hey everyone! Here’s wishing every mother, woman, daughter, grandmother, granddaughter, aunt ,niece…EVERY WOMAN a very happy women’s day !

I thought I’d deviate from my usual makeup-talk for this post. I’m actually teaming up with the Canadian Hunger Foundation for this one, to write about their amazing charity that is changing women’s lives in Ghana every single day!The CHF is a 50+ year homegrown non-profit that helps vulnerable families worldwide achieve food security and escape poverty.

They’ve designed a special campaign for International women’s day whereby you can empower 2 women in Ghana, Africa (for just 40$) to produce and sell natural shea butter and change their lives for good! I LOVE shea butter for my skin care, but on these women – it also has a HUGE impact on their lives. You can check out this short 2-minute video that is proof of this:


Every dollar donated through Gifts That Matter creates a 3:1 or 18:1 leveraging effect, thanks to a generous funding commitment from the Government of Canada- GO CANADA GO! That is a HUGE impact that any of us can have on these women’s lives! 

You can read more about the Shea Butter start-up business kit  here, how you “butter” believe it can make a difference :), and also send your gift from there. They also have other gift kits for anywhere from 10$,20$ through  approx 900$ that you can browse through at GiftsThatMatter .  I wanted to share some of the pictures of the Shea Butter Business women from last year and there are more here :

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I’ve said this before but I truly believe that we are all very fortunate in that we have comfortable lives and do not have to worry about where our next meal is coming from. It only seems fair to give back, and anything that empowers women is TRULY worth celebrating – don’t you think?:)

(taken from http://techuloid.com/womens-day-2015-quotes-wishes-messages/)


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