Bought this one WAAAAY back when it came out – MONTHS ago. I dabbled with it here and there but have been using it more of recent and LOVING it. Not sure why I didn’t use it earlier.. oh wait maybe I have too much makeup…. err moving on…

I’ve talked about other palettes that I have loved from BHCosmetics, and I’ve had great luck with their brushes, lip liners and eye pencils ( all but one pink glittery one which was just.all glitter) .  I got this palette along with their contour brushes ( that I have also been enjoying) when they had some 75% offer making it cost next to nothing,  but even otherwise it is priced very decently at $24.95 USD (actually its currently selling for 64% off  on their website!).

The colours in this palette really drew  me in  – and I think the packaging is pretty funky (and not in a bad way). It has a Kat Von D meets Dia de Los Muertos vibe going on ( which may actually be just the one same vibe..)



Now onto the inside..

It comes with those 12 shadows you see there, 3 blushes and their liquid liner pen :




These are the shadows close(r) up:



And these are the blushes:



I love ALL the eyeshadows, as well as the liquid liner. The blushes have a little more ( or LOT more) shimmer than I’d like and also don’t show up very well on me – I actually end up using all but the pink one also as eyeshadows.  That’s all fluff IMO – they could have just left it at the shadows and it would have been a kick a$$ palette. Each vertical row of shadows work really well together so I like the placement of the colours as is.

Now I love me my golds and greens and bronzes so I’ve been using those colours a lot. Here are some looks using the golds and greens. I am wearing the blush that’s in the leftmost position but I literally had to pack it on and it did leave me looking oily after a while…sad sad..very sad:



and here’s a very neutral one using the softer peach, beige and shimmery brown colours:


The shadows go on plenty pigmented especially with a primer and they last all day on me. Oh that’s also a new “nude” lip combo that I’ve been liking of late ( Milani’s Matte Naked lipstick + ELF primer pencil).

Now for swatches I decided to do swatches with an eyeshadow *brush* rather than my *fingers* like most people do. When you do a swatch with your hand, ofcourse it comes out super pigmented. Put it on with your brush and it looks all watered down, so in the spirit of keeping it real, here goes:


Not sure why my hair follicles look so humungous, but anyway  – thats over a MAC paint pot and not over applied or  packed on. They are very easy to buildup.  I do like the liquid liner too – it stays put once on , but if you like your black liner REALLY black, this isn’t it. Again – I think that’s just a freebie they threw in ..needn’t have been there.


So focusing on the shadows alone, this palette is great! Love it. If you’re into colours like that, buy it you wont regret it. I love that BHCosmetics is able to put out some really good quality makeup at ridiculously low prices. I’ll do a review of their contour brush set soon. It has this tiny little brush that I have been absolutely loving for that inner corner highlight.  deelight_1


For anyone whose wondering how my bootay’s coming along for my competition prep.. it’s comin’…6 weeks down, 9 weeks to go :)) Gotta love  the (semi-)photobombing by Jimbo!


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