It feels like we’ve been having “previews” of summer for a few weeks now here in Montreal but if the weather channel is right, its probably here to stay now. Yaaay!

I’m not a slave to  makeup looks that are considered to be  “in” based on the season or current fashion trends ( which are also usually based on the season:)) I do however believe that nothing spells summer better than CORALS in terms of makeup/clothes/accessories, what have you!

Like most people on the planet I luuuuuuuv my corals and have worn them no matter what the season, but I have recently discovered some new combinations that I  have been absolutely loving. I did care to share..see below:)


Zese  are ze products:




Here’s ze look (no idea why but I just feel ze need to speak/write like this today):



I did apply Presage with a pretty heavy hand there so it would show up in the photo, and Hot Mama is beautiful even on its own,  but ‘dem blushes together – OH-SO-PRETTY!! Special thanks to Sunny for the tip on this AMAZING blush combo. Well she actually suggested layering Presage and NARS ‘Orgasm together but Hot Mama is the closest thing I own to Orgasm and it works like a charm!  What’s up with these names btw..”Hot Mama”…”Orgasm”…I guess this colour really has it goin on ! 😉


L-R: Chanel – Presage Cream Blush, theBalm – Hot Mama blush

Next on to the lips. The Revlon Ultra HD Lip lacquers have been surprisingly good IMO. The glosses are SUPER pigmented and wear fairly well (about 4 hours on me before fading) and make your lips look all kindsa smooth and pretty:) HIGHLY recommend and they are 50% off here now, so you might want to check out your local drugstores as well if you want to stock up! Look at how GORGEOUS Strawberry Topaz is. I just want to EAT IT! ( but I wont)


Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer – Strawberry Topaz


I bought another of these Ultra HD Lip lacquers a few weeks ago in an orchid shade and loved that as well, but this coral shade is just…RIGHT ON! Why I might go so far as to say..its_a_deelight_transparent_full



I sheered it out a little on my lips but you can see how pigmented it can be in the swatch below. Thats a swatch of the Essence jumbo pencil and the Presage+hotMama combo next to it:


To complete the Coral vibe, I would have loved to do a polka dot manicure like this , and I do have a  pretty coral one on my toes, but I’m very toe-conscious :)) so …maybe next time!!


Do you have any favourite Coral combos? Do share do share!

See you on  Instagram/Twitter/BlogLovin! Hope you have a great week :) xo