I know ..I know!! I haven’t been around forever . SORRY – life gets in the way sometimes!! Blogging has been the last thing on my mind unfortunately but  this shoutout from PavSpeaks inspired me to blog again.  I was like..MY POST did that? Ok..I better tempt her with something else now :))) Thanks Pav and glad you’re enjoying the foundation too!!

I haven’t had the time to do too many looks of late but with a day off today I got around to doing something very summery and light. Gave me a chance to use my Get Baked UD shadow palette that I have ignored for ..quite a while! The colours can of course be substituted by whatever you have handy lying around.

This is the look:


These are the products I used on/around/under my eyes:



This is what I used for the face:



You can read my reviews on the Sephora Ethereal Foundation and Tom Ford’s Nubile if you’re interested /missed them. Everytime I use Nubile I go “mmm thats so creamy and smooth”! So happy that I indulged in his shine line rather than the original.  I’m just not into super-pigmented lipsticks and also the major reason why I dislike the Estee Lauder Pure Envy lipsticks as well as the NARS Audacious ones. *GASP* I know! There..I said it. Don’t get me wrong I think they are fun sometimes, but they’re just not “me”.

UD Baked was a LE palette that I bought a couple of years ago and its SO gorgeous…I don’t know why I reach for it more often!  I love the teal shade but not for too bright a teal, so I applied it really lightly in the corners just for a  lil’ somethin. Milani cosmetics has an eyeshadow shade that comes super close as well.


Im not sure WHY the pictures turned out fuzzy :( So sorry about that, but I hope you enjoyed them regardless. I still update my Instagram much more often and luuuuuv looking at what everyone else puts out on IG, so see you there too!