I wanted my come back post to be something that I’m super enthusiastic about.  Something new perhaps that I’ve been trying out of recent. Well I do have this something and Ive been loving so MUCH that I pretty much do this every single day for my work days now. COVER DEM CURSED UNDEREYE CIRCLES and KEEP THEM CREASE-FREE for as LONG AS YOUR DAY IS LONG! Yeah..it really did need to be in caps.

It was early one morning sometime in July, during an ultra-boring session of my cardio when I was watching Nikkie talk about this. Every second of her griping in that video resonated with me and I said I HAVE TO TRY THIS GOSH DARNIT !!

So..I did and there has been NO GOING BACK for me. This technique just keeps my under eye area looking SO darn fresh all day its not even funny. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of my (usually harrowed looking) self  in the mirror at 6 pm and I’m like YOWZA I look FRESH!! I send my sister  MsEpiphany  selfies of myself to show her JUST HOW fresh I look and yes..she agrees I do  :))

Here’s unedited proof:




These were taken on another day:



So yeah maybe the rest of my face looks a little shiny and sure my hair has fallen flat with all the damn humidity here in Montreal but BAM! that concealer didn’t BUDGE mama!! You look fresh, you feel fresh people (or not as tired anyway). So if you want to know the technique you can check out the video in the link above, but basically the idea is to use your damp beauty blender to set your concealer as SOON as its freshly applied, ensuring there are no creases before you do this. You literally have a few seconds after you apply your concealer, corrector etc to get this step done, coz dem creases – they creep up FAST.  Really for me there was no other change to my usual concealer routine other than to use that DAMP sponge to set my makeup…I would always use a fluffy dome brush  in the past to kind of set that area VERY lightly with my NARS reflecting pressed powder/ UD naked skin because I was scared it would crease more if I pressed “stuff” into it.  I ALWAYS ended up with some fine lines under my eyes by the end of the day ( if not much sooner!)  and I thought ” deal with gracefully woman, all of us age”.  :)) Well… Im happy to report that I have not seen fine lines under my eyes ever since I started doing this!

These are the products and steps that I use for this:

1. Prep the under eye with my skin cream (I like the Reversa Anti-Wrinkle eye cream shown here). Sometimes I’ll skip this step and just use my regular suncreen underneath, just ensuring its a very light layer.

2. Correct the darkness with Benefit Erase Paste, conceal with my Estee Lauder  double wear  and highlight with my MAC PREP & Prime ( this step makes a TON of difference and should not be skipped to look as rested as possible IMO). You can see a few more details on how I conceal under my eye in this post if you like.


3. Blend that $H!T with your damp beauty blender and go in with a super finely milled translucent powder. I love my Laura Mercier Under eye powder for this. Sometimes I’ll also use my Ben Nye Banana powder but it needs a little more effort to blend and can look cakey if applied in a hurry. The next step is optional but I like to do it when I think I’ve used too much powder.


4. Knock off any excess powder with the little fluffy dome brush ( you can dip it some matching loose powder before if you think it looks too ashy and need to blend it in more). You cango over it with the damp sponge again too just to make sure it’s all smooth .

5. This step is also optional but on days that I want ALL my makeup (not just under my eye) to last a really really long time, I press a  tiny bit of my UD naked loose powder all over with a larger sponge like either of these here: (the pink one is from Sephora and the other one from Shoppers Drugmart – a Canadian pharmacy chain). This is what I had done for the picture in the black shirt.


Something to note is that this technique *is* different from the latest buzzword on everyone’s lipstick wearing lips –  “baking” (which I have also tried btw and looks phenomenal on camera, but not ideal for everyday wear IMO). Baking definitely DOES give you an AMAZING highlight and contour for photographs tho – highly recommend for special occasions!


So there you have it  – do try it if you haven’t already and are plagued by a severe case of  “under eye creasing and concealer disappearing:)  I’m SURE you’ll love it.


2 more days to the weekend. Hang in there peeps.


P.S: I am still on Instagram ( but now in 2 places because I have my fitness account with Mo too over here .  See you there too!)