I dont think it would surprise anyone if I said I just dont have the time anymore to keep up with my blogs (this is the other one)!  Sad but true…c’est la vie:(  Work has been crazy over the past few months..I managed to keep up with things even through my fitness competition, but I recently got a promotion as well which means even more work and responsibility. I find myself with a chronic case of writer’s block when it comes to blogging, mainly because I no longer have the time or patience to put posts together in the little free time that I do have!So 157 posts, 1637 comments and about 14 months later, I’ve made a decision to  remain active on Instagram through both my ID’s – howdoesdeedoit as well as fitchickswithlipsticks , but blog-wise, will only maintain fitchickswithlipsticks.com from time to time, and even that is only because I  have help from sweet Mo on that one.

So…I don’t want to make this any more drawn out than it needs to be. I will certainly miss beauty blogging and never say never, I may be back, but in the meantime…



Please keep in touch over Instagram (and please don’t unfollow me on Bloglovin, because hey…ya neverknow :) ) . I don’t intend on losing any of the friendships I’ve gained through this blog :)  Thanks so much for being such great readers/ blogger pals! xoxox

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(credits: cover pic taken from http://davidosmond.com)