I buy /pay for everything that I review on this site, and if I don’t/haven’t, clearly mention so. All the reviews are based on my experience with the products and not influenced by anything else. I simply state whether it worked/didn’t work for me , and I hope that helps you out when you’re trying to decide on buying something. I don’t usually use photos from anywhere else, but if I do they may be of a product that that I believe are available for public use. I’m not a fitness guru and don’t claim to be – again I’m just sharing what I’ve learnt from my own experience as well as  through my husband’s experience and knowledge.  Please trackback or link to my page if you use any original images from my site. I get a teeny tiny commission if you buy via the Amazon links on my site, but it’s so small that even if everyone buys something it MAY JUST help support my site – and I do love the service and prices from Amazon.   Thanks for reading 😉